The skin baring acts of the Indian Models

The wardrobe malfunctions are just a stunt, like moth gathers around a burning candle.


During the 2006 Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai, Indian model Carol Gracias wardrobe malfunction, paved way for more such stunts, while earning attention on the way. Her halter-top slipped off, exposing both her breasts. Later she quickly held her top in place.


The matter was raised in Maharastra legislative assembly where the organizers were condemned of the show. A social activist, P. Rajdev lodge a FIR (First Information Report) against organizers alleging models indulged in nudity and obscenity.


Another model Jesse Randhawa was embroiled in controversy for wearing a see through top at a fashion show.


Gauher Khan another desi model had her skirt tear off, showing of wee bits of her rear, quit a malfunction. Nigar Khan who shot to fame from a music video "Chadti Jawani" in another fashion parade went topless accidentally when her top fell off giving her more popularity alternatively.

It would not be wrong to say that such so-called wardrobe malfunctions are not mere mishaps but, intentionally done to gain fame.


In the international ramps, it is quite common to see women wearing almost nothing. However in India, we are still conservative by nature. This has helped us to preserve our values and culture. Even though, we are adapting to the high tech world of gadgets, we should not lose our values for few seconds of fame.


Understandably, competition in the fashion industry is such that, they are ready to lose their morals just for few minutes of glory. But, these models don't realize that they cannot sit and bake on their so-called skin baring glories for long.