Moustaches - a sign of vitality and pride

"Mooch nahin to kuch nain" (No Moustache, No Pride), is a commonly used phrase in India.

In India, moustache is a sign of honour, vitality and pride. Men in olden days wore a moustache, which was a significant part of their personality and portrayed their character.

Before the 18th century, when the caste system was prevalent in India, only high caste men were allowed to keep moustaches. Lower caste men were either clean-shaven sported a beard. During the period from 1850 to 1950, men kept moustaches as a symbol of power and to display of their robust personality.

During the 1930s, Mahatma Gandhi's Swadeshi Movement against British rulers advised Indians to have beards so, that imported shavers and blades could be stopped.

Veerappan -A Dacoit from Southern India

Indian men sporting a moustache include famous freedom fighter Bhagat Singh to the famous mogul emperor, Akbar. In late decades, the dacoit, Veerappan was more famous for his moustache than his terror spread across Southern India. In some parts of India such as Rajasthan, still it is a common sight to watch men keeping big moustaches.

A Rajasthani Man Claming To Have The Largest Moustache

In old Bollywood Movies moustache has been found very popular, in which Charlie Chaplin type or Toothbrush type was seen as popular one.

And now days, moustache has been well depicted in historic movies viz. The Rising, Jodhha Akbar and Rang De Basanti etc. Down South India, it is a sign of masculinity. Most of heroes of the South Indian Cinema, bearing a moustache are a hot favorite among South Indian ladies.

Recently, a survey conducted by A. C. Nielsen with more than 1,000 men and women in eight Indian cities revealed while Indian men love their moustache, women in urban India prefer clean-shaven men. However, lately most men prefer to keep clean-shaven, as they find it quite unhygienic to maintain a moustache. But obviously it seems moustaches don't stop men from being admired and kissed by opposite sex.


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